Paul is currently Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney. He remains the Honorary Faculty Archivist, is still active in Alumni matters, and continues to contribute to teaching and supervision of both undergraduates and postgraduates. From 1980 and until his retirement in 2010, he was Professor in Veterinary Pathology and Clinical Pathology and Director of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostic Services in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney. He was responsible for teaching both veterinary clinical pathology and veterinary pathology to an undergraduate body that draws from students around the World. Paul, through the Faculty of Veterinary Science, received the 2001 Pfizer Teaching Award for outstanding contribution to teaching excellence and innovation, the 2010 Grace Mary Mitchell Award for Outstanding Teaching and Research Service and the 2012 Alumni Award for Professional Achievement.

President of the Pathobiology Chapter in the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, and currently a Life Fellow of the College, he was President of the Australian Society of Veterinary Pathology and the Australasian Deans’ Committee’s Representative on the Board of Management for The Australian Animal Pathology Standards Program until his retirement. Paul was a Councillor for the Centre for Veterinary Education (formerly Post-Graduate Foundation of Veterinary Science), University of Sydney from 2005-2012. Paul was on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Veterinary Clinical Pathology from 2007-10 and is currently an Editorial Advisor for the Journal of Comparative Pathology. He is committed to continuing education and regularly presents workshops and lectures on laboratory diagnosis of disease for the veterinary profession. In 2008, Paul received the Tom Hungerford Award for Excellence in Continuing Education from the Centre for Veterinary Education.

His research interests include host-pathogen-environment interactions in wildlife and domestic animal disease, clinical reasoning, cytopathology, and haematological and biochemical disturbances in all animals. Paul is a registered veterinary pathobiologist in New South Wales, Scientific Advisor and Board Member of the Australian Marine Mammal Research Centre for the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, and Chair of the John Williamson Koala Research fund for the Koala Preservation Society of New South Wales. Paul has over 200 publications in the disciplines of veterinary clinical and anatomical pathology and has successfully supervised over 17 postgraduate students.