Janelle is the Co-founder of campaigntrack, the industry leader in real estate campaign management.  She and her family built and designed, and now fund the ongoing costs of maintaining the TiARA website, the peak resource world-wide for people with tick-induced allergies- mammalian meat allergy (MMA) and tick-induced anaphylaxis.  Janelle also founded the Australian closed Facebook group supporting those people and their families affected by tick-induced allergies. Working with Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia, Janelle was instrumental in the design of the Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia and TiARA collaboration on production of the mammalian meat food allergy safety card and the Chef’s card, which are vital resources ensuring the  safety of MMA sufferers when eating out. She has conducted research in mammalian meat allergy (see below).

Janelle is well known for her media work in promoting the awareness of mammalian meat allergy in both Australia and the USA.  Along with other members of the TiARA Patient Support Sub-committee, she presented her own powerful statement on “Living with Mammalian Meat Allergy” at the TIARA NSW Parliament House Reception in 2016.  For people newly diagnosed and struggling with a diagnosis of mammalian meat allergy, she has been a very helpful guide in regard to day to day living with the condition.

TiARA is fortunate in having her beautiful designs in the TiARA logo, our presentation banner and many other design items in our publications.  Janelle has also backgrounded the educational presentation given in the USA regarding ”The Australian experience of Mammalian Meat Allergy”.

TiARA is grateful for Janelle’s contribution as a Committee Member and also appreciates the support of her family (Stefan, Blake and Remy), from its inception.


Janelle Williams, Melanie Burk, Maria Said, Derek Anderson. Clinical spectrum of mammalian meat product/alpha gal allergy after tick bites : A social media survey.  Internal Medicine Journal 2015; Sep 45 (Issue S4):1-32.