New Research into Mammalian Meat Allergy presented in Lisbon this week.

Research by Dr Karl Baumgart, Dr Andrew Broadfoot and A/Prof Sheryl

van Nunen, was presented at the EAACI (European Academy of Allergy

and Clinical Immunology) Conference in Lisbon, Portugal this week.

This gathering of clinical immunologists and allergists from around

the world saw that in New South Wales that in almost two-thirds of

individuals with positive tests for alphagal (the allergen causing

mammalian meat allergy [MMA]) their allergy levels to alphagal

reduce significantly within 12-18 months.

 Kwak M, Somerville C and van Nunen S A novel Australian tick Ixodes (Endopalpigeraustraliensis inducing mammalian meat allergy after tick bite.Asia Pac Allergy. 2018 Jul; 8(3): e31 [Table 1 Serology results].

 TiARA comments that "as MMA and tick anaphylaxis (TA) are known to be

caused by tick bites, that the lack of further tick bites is key to

losing the MMA and as it is also known that further tick bites can

result in the allergy levels more than doubling, all possible efforts

to avoid tick bites and to kill them in situ (where they are) are

essential strategies in avoiding these allergies- which are the

allergies you don't have to have!".

Melanie Burk